Described as a “radical homosexual activist” and “effeminate man-child” by critics, Josh Kruger is an award-winning writer and communications strategist in Philadelphia.

Josh Kruger standing on a street in South Philadelphia dressed in a tie and winter coat wearing a mask; there are row houses behind him including one with one of Philly's hallmark murals on its side.

Some of Josh’s past writing includes his candid, personal experiences with homelessness, HIV/AIDS, and drug addiction. In 2014, the Society of Professional Journalists called his work “mesmerizing. Not just an unusual point of view, but excellent writing, too.” 

From 2013 to 2015, Josh was a columnist and social media editor for Philadelphia Weekly and then Philadelphia City Paper, then the city’s two alt-weekly newspapers. His PW column, “The Uncomfortable Whole,” won multiple awards, including the Society of Professional Journalists First Place Award for weekly newspaper commentary in both 2014 and 2015 and the Pa. NewsMedia Association’s Edith Hughes Emerging Journalist Award in 2015. That recognition “encourages talented young journalists to continue in their careers.”

Josh has written for Philadelphia Magazine, WHYY’s Newsworks, The Advocate, and online HIV/AIDS resource center The Body. In 2015, he was named one of the “15 HIV Advocates to Watch in 2015” by HIV Plus Magazine. In 2016, he joined the incoming Democratic administration of Mayor Jim Kenney in Philadelphia’s City Hall, spending years there until being promoted several times to eventually overseeing all communications for a municipal agency.

He now has extensive experience in governmental communications, taking lots of complex information about serious issues from substance use disorder to poverty to legal disputes between federal, state, and local governments, and condensing and explaining them into easily understood, accessible content. Josh has also worked together with public safety officials, including federal partners like the Secret Service, during emergency and special event activations, including the 2016 Democratic National Convention and the 2018 Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Victory Parade, to ensure the public remained informed and safe.

He believes that American democracy is strongest when the greatest number of people understand what’s going on, both in society overall and in government. Sometimes, in his personal time, he still occasionally likes to write about his life, LGBTQ issues, HIV, trauma, or his faith as an Episcopalian.

He also enjoys exploring and praying in churches.

His Myers-Briggs personality type indicator is ENTJ, and he enjoys reviewing good and trash content on Twitter (@joshkrugerPHL) too much.

Josh personally supports good government, welcoming and trauma informed spaces and content, the Oxford comma, and the idea that cats are better than dogs. He is against all stigma, silos, and bad attitudes. And he would defend Philadelphia as the best place on Earth with his dying breath.

Josh lives and writes in Philadelphia with his cat, a one-toothed ginger senior tomcat that chirps and squawks instead of meows, named Mason.

To contact Josh, please email him at josh@joshkruger.com.